"Embracingfranki is Joe Jackson, Gavin Friday, Engelbert Humperdinck, Marianne Faithfull & the virgin Mary united in one singer ! (Radio 1 Belgium)"

Gifted with a unique voice, the Ghent-based popcrooner Embracingfranki has been regularly swooning Belgian audiences since the late 90s. Can you imagine a mix of the cabaret-like pop of Gavin Friday or Marc Almond, the passionate stage presence of Jacques Brel and a flair for tragic torch-songs inherited from Abba-singer Agnetha Fältskog? Getting pretty close! However, EmbracingFranki is also just Franki: a flamboyant and strong personality, with a tinge of camp and a splash of melancholy but always ending on a hopeful note.

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"EmbracingFranki's Sixfold duet project is a special piece of work in which Franki's voice rubs against other vocal timbres and that reveals the unique character of his vocal"

Popcrooner EmbracingFranki and his two producers Roel De Bruyne and Klaas Tomme have recorded the 'Sixfold' duet EP with a number of top artists from the Belgian music world. Sixfold includes six duets with Maarten Devoldere (Warhaus/Balthazar), Lady Linn, Isolde Lasoen, Gregory Frateur (Dez Mona), Leonie Gysel (Arsenal) en Klaas Tomme (Ides Moon).

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