All In Love Is Fair - 20th Anniversary Box (A Collection of His Best Recordings).

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Embracingfranki - All In Love Is Fair - 20th Anniversary Box.
A Collection of His Best Recordings 2000-2020.
1. Devotion (re-recorded version)
2. Embrace
3. All For You (duet with Gregory Frateur)
4. Remembering
5. Shame (duet with Lady Linn)
6. For Granted
7. Meant To Be (duet with Maarten Devoldere)
8. Elaine (libertango)
9. Missing You (duet with Klaas Tomme)
10. Could You Be My Darling (recorded at the Polarstudios in Stockholm)
11. Crying Over You (duet with Isolde Lasoen)
12. Losing My Mind
13. Can't Help Loving That Man
14. Six In The Morning (duet with Leonie Gysel)
15. Shine On Me

Embracingfranki - Sixfold
Duet Ep
1. All For You (feat. Gregory Frateur)
2. Meant To Be (feat. Maarten Devoldere)
3. Crying Over You (feat. Isolde Lasoen)
4. Missing You (feat. Klaas Tomme)
5. Six In The Morning (feat. Leonie Gysel)
6. Shame (feat. Lady Linn)

Photo prints - Embracingfranki by David Hanssene
Card - A Message from Embracingfranki

Release date 25.01.2021